Interactive Map

This is an interactive map of Iowa, allowing you to click on a county and obtain information such as:

  • Sheriff’s name
  • Location of Sheriff’s office
  • Issuing policy of the Sheriff
  • Iowa Carry County Coordinator


This is a new addition to our website.  Not all counties have been filled in with information yet.  Please bear with us as we fill out the database with all of the available information that we have on file.  If you would like to download a copy of this map, click here for a plain JPG of this map.


We are always looking for updates to this map.  If you have updates that you believe should be posted here, please let us know.  The three different colors on the map represent the following issue policies:


  • RED = No issue or severely restricted
  • YELLOW = Questionable restrictions or varying policies on issuance
  • GREEN = Easy to obtain a permit, no restrictions