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Welcome to the ultimate resource for concealed carry information in the Great State of Iowa.  Here you will find all the information you need about Weapons Carry Laws in Iowa.

Please take some time and look around and learn about our cause. You will also find facts and figures on the benefits concerning concealed carry and why so many other states have adopted concealed firearm laws. Lets now work together to ensure that like other states, Iowa adopts a law increasing personal protection for all its citizens.

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It is the goal of IOWACARRY.ORG to use our rights as set forth in the Constitution to bring about change in the ambiguous manner with which concealed weapons permits are either issued or denied to law abiding Iowa citizens depending upon which county an Iowa citizen resides in. This change will bring about a fair, safe, and equitable system.

IOWACARRY.ORG was designed to create a place for Iowans with common interests to gather to exchange ideas and work toward the common goal of Iowa joining the majority of states that currently use ‘Shall Issue” as the means of permitting their law abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons.

It is also designed as a site that allows and encourages law abiding Iowans and residents of surrounding states to discuss issues relating to other aspects of politics, as well as issues of firearm ownership, safety, marksmanship, range tactics, and defensive scenarios.

IOWACARRY.ORG firmly believes in the individual’s right to keep and bear arms as enumerated in the Second Amendment to our Constitution and that it should be applied fairly and equally toward all law abiding American citizens.

Mission Statement

Who do you want carrying guns in Iowa?

Today in Iowa, the bad guys are already carrying weapons, but law-abiding citizens can legally be denied the right to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Arm Yourself With The Facts

Under Chapter 724.7 of the Iowa Code, a law abiding resident who desires to carry a concealed weapon must apply for a Permit to Carry Weapons to the sheriff of the county where they reside. The decision to issue a permit is made solely at the personal discretion of that county’s sheriff.

At first glance, this seems reasonable. If you have a valid reason for carrying a weapon, you can get a permit, correct? Not necessarily.

Under current law and practice, any sheriff may summarily deny any applicant this right. Many do just that. The word “may” in Chapter 724.7 above is the operative word. You may get your permit, or you may not!

There are literally 99 different issue policies in the state – one for each county sheriff.

Even more appalling are those who are fortunate enough to be issued a permit may legally carry their weapon anywhere in the state, even in counties where a sheriff may issue no permits. Surely the needs of the citizens in each county do not vary so widely.

As it stands, Iowa Chapter 724.7 is a patently unfair and inequitable law. The phrase “…unequal protection under the law…” from the 14th Amendment to our US Constitution, immediately comes to mind.

It strikes most folks as unfair & unlikely, for similar individuals to be treated differently when it comes to our rights under Iowa law. Yet records at the Iowa Department of Public Safety reveal that this is exactly what is happening with respect to issuing permits to carry weapons. The counties map page shows the relative level of difficulty for a law-abiding citizen to be issued a permit depending only upon which county they live.